To make you’re Typing Easy

Do you feel jealous when your fellow mates type without looking at the keyboards while you are too slow to type like that? Well, I know yes! Everyone has a wish to type very fast without looking at the keyboard. We always think that life would have been more interesting if we had a fast typing speed. Rapid speed always gets attention from everyone mainly in colleges. Typing become so easy if finger will type everything whatever is running in the mind and if you can hear that word which you type then typing become quite interesting. It’s quite exciting the way words which are dancing in the brain just display on are screen without searching them at the keyboard.

Some people go for the typing classes and courses but actually do you think that there is any kind of need to do that? I think no, you have to do little bit practice on the keyboard and you can easily increase your speed. Mostly the children and adults face a problem to right correctly from the keyboard because they choose the wrong alphabet from the keyboard. It may be due to the visualization or keyboard problem. So it becomes easy for them to select the correct letter from the keyboard if they can also hear it and they also feel more comfortable to write. Sometime we want to type something different which we get into the screen.

Today’s technologies are becoming more advance and fast. There are so many applications in the industries that make the human beings more and more comfortable and one them is “Fat Finger” application which provide two services, one is Easy Type Keyboard and another is clear voice. Easy type keyboard is mainly intended for the children and adults because mostly they face the problem in typing. In this application you can easily choose the letter from a large screen and also hear it in a clear voice.

This application brings a new face in the typing world. The purpose of “Fat Figure” application is to overcome the problems occurring in the typing. And this application is very helpful for the children and adults in fact it is designed by keeping them in mind. The user of this application can easily use it to select the correct letter from the keyboard because of the large screen provided by this application and after that you can also hear it in a Clear Voices.

The main motto of this application is to provide a comfortable, clear and easy to use interface for user with a clear or easy to understand voice. Hope you enjoy it.


Text To Speech App For iPhone

Apple surprised its competitors and customers with the wide selection of latest options in iOS five. iPhone app developers loved iPhone OS five as a result of this re-creation of Apple’s operating system created it doable for them to form unbelievable iPhone apps. The advanced iOS five permits the programmers to create additional interactive and feature-rich iPhone applications. At IAD (iPhone Application Developers), we tend to take full advantage of the special iOS five. Our programmers grasp the ins and outs of iPhone development.
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The Fat Finger is a program called as Text To Speech App For IPad used for various purposes like this app is certainly beneficial for people who have difficulty with accurate finger placement, especially children, people suffering with arthritis, or those who have reduced fine motor skills. My grandmother’s hands often shake, and when we installed this app she found she could use her iPad more effectively. My three-year-old daughter is also using it to help learn to spell the names of family members and a few common words. This app is amazingly functional for the people it is intended for.
Apple has created a habit of turning out with ingenious new devices. simply when it appeared that iPhone couldn’t get any higher, Apple released iPhone 4s and surprised the technological world. iPhone 4s woos smart-phone users with options sort of a swanky new look, superior retina show, higher processor, and Face-time. At IAD (iPhone Application Developers), iPhone programmers possess a radical data of numerous iPhone devices and latest iOS. we’ve got created various custom apps for iPhone 3GS, iPhone four and iPhone 4S using totally different iPhone tools and technologies. Our iPhone application development team combines the facility of iOS five with iPhone 4s to form feature-rich applications that instantly connect with iPhone users. users can simply buy and install this Text To Speech Appss For IPhone by serching through internet, because their must be many websites containing these kind of apps.Browse to get more information about our Text To Speech App for iPad to use that effectively.